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  • 03/30/2022 21:41 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    If you are interested in helping us out at the veterans art center, full time, part time, every now and then ... choices are varied but we could really use some help.  Please fill out the form at https://forms.gle/syvMNe3nDv9dzcLU9

  • 01/20/2022 21:03 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    We have way too much stuff!  We had way too much stuff a few years ago and it has doubled in the past couple years.  In an effort to narrow it down, aside from sorting and throwing out a lot of trash over the past few months, we will be selling and/or giving away a whole lot of art supplies and equipment that is either surplus, seldom used, or not used at the Veterans Art Center.

    This effort actually started last summer and tables of give-a-way items have been picked through in the gallery periodically.  We have also listed items on eBay and in the online store on our website.  Most of the items listed in the online store will show up as $0.00 if you are logged in.  That is correct, members get them free!

    Things are not disappearing fast enough though, and we really need to purge.  We will increase trash tossing, eBay sales, Facebook sales, and items in our online store and probably a yard sale or two.  We will also have many items available for free, but donations are always welcome.  For this I need a few volunteers.  Let me know what you can help with.


  • 12/13/2021 19:31 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    Our healing arts sessions in both BodyTalk and Tai Chi are held regularily and if you are interested please check the event calendar for more information and/or to register.

    Leather class is held weekly and extremely well attended.  

    Upcoming classes not yet scheduled but starting in the new year are seed beading with Semantha and acrylic poured painting. Check the calendar for updates.  Email announcements will be sent to members. Another round of soap making and liquid laundry detergent making will also be offered in the new year.  Other tentative workshops are alcohol ink,  resin casting and epoxy art, encaustics, frit painting, and vinyl graphics.

    We would love to have other classes to offer and are anxious for other instructors to come forward and schedule classes or workshops.  If you would like to offer an ongoing class or a one class workshop, please contact us and we'll work with you to get it scheduled and make sure we have all needed supplies. Contact Wendy, email works best.

    Please remember that the studio is open for whatever you want to work on whenever there is no class scheduled.  The woodshop and glass studio are available at all times.

  • 12/13/2021 13:15 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    207,264 Santa Claus Illustrations &amp; Clip Art - iStock

    I have a veteran mom very much in need of some help with cold weather clothing for her 4 children and I am reaching out to ask for some help.

    Girl age 10 - size little girls XXL (14-16), boot/shoe size women's 8

    Boy age 6 - size 8, boot/shoe size 3

    Boy age 2 - size 18-24 months, boot/shoe size Toddler 3

    Girl (baby) - size 12 month

    Also needed are diapers for the 2 youngest. Sizes 3 and 4.

    If you can help at all,  you can drop items off at the veterans art center or contact us to arrange pickup, or help with a cash donation and we'll see they get the help needed.

    Merry Christmas,


  • 07/05/2021 09:18 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    While the iPhone app has been in existence since we initially launched our new website through Wild Apricot, the Android version was not fully functional.  At some point this was completed and both versions are now fully functional.

    If you download and install on your iPhone or Android, and you are a paid member, here's what you will be able to do with the app.

    What can your members do with the member app?

    • Renew their membership
    • View a member directory
    • View another member's profile
    • Email their fellow members
    • View a calendar of upcoming events
    • View details of upcoming events
    • Add event to their device calendar
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    • Specify the number of guests (if the registration type was set up to collect the total number of guests only)
    • View their existing event registrations
    • Cancel an existing event registration (if your site administrator has enabled this option for your registration type)
    • Pay an outstanding event registration fee
    • View and update their own member profile
    • View their membership card

    What can't your members do with the member app?

    • Join a waitlist for an event

    For Android users: You can download and install the app from Google Play or click here.

    For iPhone users: You can download and install the app from your Apple or iTunes store or click here.

    The name of the members app is Wild Apricot Members App.

    Please note: when you open the app for the first time you will be prompted to login, using your member email and password. If you have an account with another organization on Wild Apricot using the same email/password combination you will be asked to select which one you are logging in to.  You will also be asked if you would like to receive notifications and these will be event reminders, renewal reminders and other site specific items. 

    As noted above you will have access to a members list and can click on individual members to view their profile.  If you do not want your profile information visible, you can edit your profile and choose any information you want kept private or make your entire profile private.

    This is what will appear on a member profile that has no settings marked private.

     You will also get a handy event list of upcoming classes and events

    and can click on any for more information or to register and/or add it to your calendar.

    Only current paid members will have access through the app and will need to login with their email address and password.

  • 07/04/2021 12:09 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    Beneath The Camo is an annual benefit art show for our friends over at the Veterans Art Center.
    We will be hosting a silent auction all month, with art donated by members of the Veterans Art Center & Uncanny Valley.
    All proceeds will go to help the Veterans Art Center with their mission of helping soldiers and their families heal through art.  Auction runs until July 31 so be sure and drop by Uncanny Valley Art Gallery, 455 Main St and check out all the art.

  • 07/03/2021 02:29 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    Yes We Are Open - Sorta

    If the door is open, c'mon in.  Check the event calendar for scheduled classes and events.  Stop by on Saturday, July 17th between 9 and 11 am for a mini wellness expo and find out what programs and classes are currently offered. The computers are available, woodshop is available and all that is required to access them, or any classes or healing arts sessions, is to complete the online registration form , and we won't bug you again to do it until next July. 

    The main studio is not yet open pending volunteers for sorting the plethora of donations that arrived while we have been closed. Classes, for now, will be held in the gallery.  Volunteers are also needed to have a yard sale to eradicate the multitude of non-art related items we unearthed while cleaning last year, along with an excess of some art related items.

    Open studio will be restricted to hours we have a volunteer or volunteers on site to monitor and assist.  

    Please direct any comments or questions to Wendy by email or text 970-424-2312.  We can do this together but together takes a team.

  • 05/17/2021 20:58 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    We are beginning the first sessions and classes at the Veterans Art Center.  Thanks to some very generous (non member) volunteers we have the gallery semi-cleaned and will be starting the body talk sessions on Tuesday May 25th.  The studio will be open at that time for the bodytalk sessions, veteran fund requests and computer/print/copy/fax use. Anyone wanting to participate will need to be preregistered.  The registration for BodyTalk can be found on the event calendar. If not previously completed, we do need the veterans assistance application filled out online.

    Everything else will remain closed until further notice. Members anxious to have things open need to help out a little and relieve the burden on the 2 or 3 that have pitched in over the past year.  Currently, only the gallery and front area will be open.

    Volunteers are also needed for fundraising - however you want to do it.  There have been a few Facebook fundraisers throughout the winter and spring but all but one have been non-members from out of State.  It's disappointing that our members are not participating and trying to keep us afloat.  Exceptions of course to those members who have helped out with generous donations. We are very grateful for those.  We only have 2 1/2 months left in this fiscal year. Despite trimming down many of our operational expenses on the budget, our current income is only at 61% of what is required and members need to decide whether they want to reopen or close permanently.

    I also use the term members loosely but offer big hugs and the utmost gratitude to those who paid when they expired.  Sadly this has been a small number and a loss of membership dues.

    Our veterans emergency fund, transportation, art supplies and other programs have continued and we have processed 188 applications.  BodyTalk and Tai Chi have also been operating for several months.  

    I am anxious to reopen if anyone else is interested.


  • 10/17/2020 09:39 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

    We really want to get some of our classes up and running.  I am providing a link below for an online survey on class interest.  With this feedback I will be able to work on providing classes that you want.  Rather than randomly throwing classes on the schedule that no one attends we want to focus on scheduling classes that our veterans and families are interested in so please complete the online survey

    Additionally, the survey will help us contact the participants interested in the classes we schedule. Class sizes will be  limited and preregistration will be mandatory so we can allow the instructors planning opportunities. 

    Depending on class and instructor requirements the classes will be held at the Veterans Art Center or elsewhere. All materials and equipment will be provided.  Classes are no charge for veterans, and, in most cases, at no charge for immediate family members. Registration for scheduled classes will be available online directly through the event calendar or through the link in your email notification.  

    Tai Chi and BodyTalk are already running and  information for each of these is available on the event calendar.  As new classes are scheduled they will also be listed on the event calendar. 

    Classes will range from single event 1 or 2 hour classes to ongoing classes on a weekly or biweekly schedule for up to 8 weeks.  No art classes will extend beyond 8 sessions. In this way there will be opportunity for new students to start at the beginning without trying to jump in half way through.  Registration for the extended session art classes will be required prior to startup and no late entry will be allowed.

    For the single event 1 or 2 hour classes the class description will include the goal or project of that particular class and they will all be 'once and done' but you are able to register for as many as you want.

    Online Class Survey

    Event Calendar

    Donate Now

  • 09/24/2020 16:07 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)


    to William and Marjorie Straight for your generous donation.  This was so welcomed, and needed, at this time and it has really served in empowering our board and director.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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