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Art Entry Deadline (for JUNE Exhibit)

  • 05/15/2019
  • 18:00
  • 307 S 12th St
  • 3


Registration is closed

Veterans Art Center Gallery 307 S 12th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501

We are now accepting registration for the JUNE Exhibition at the Veterans Art Center.

This is open to all veteran or family member artists or crafters. Limit 5 per month.

Veterans and Family members are welcome to display their art in our monthly group exhibits.  The openings are held the 1st Saturday monthly with refreshments.  Each artist is provided an area of the gallery (size of space determined by number of artists registered but the standard is 8 feet of table and wall above it) and they will be responsible for setup, labeling and displaying their artwork.  We will provide exhibition invitations, help with promotion and marketing, advertising, awards and the opening reception. There will be a NEW show monthly and veterans are able to take part in as many as they want as long as they register for each by the 15th of the preceding month. New art will be displayed monthly so carrying over from one month to the next is not allowed. If you have a large body of work you can show on consecutive months provided you change out the art work.

We invite all artists to promote the exhibition and we recommend displaying an artist’s statement or biography with your art display.

  • ·         Artists are responsible for hanging and displaying the artwork.  We supply the hanging system and/or table top. Our hanging system requires your art pieces have wires. In some instances you might be able to use alligator hangers on small pieces but wires are required for most. Table easels are also available.
  • ·         Artists are responsible for labeling artwork and pricing it if it is for sale (Don’t forget to include our 20% consignment)
  • ·         Setup starts the Wednesday prior to the 1st Saturday and the show needs to be complete and ready for opening by 3 pm on the 1st Saturday.
  • ·         Artists are expected to attend the opening reception on the 1st Saturday at 6 pm.
  • ·         Artists are welcome to attend as often as they want throughout the month to talk with visitors about their art and to meet with visitors they invite.
  • ·         Artists will remove all artwork at the end of the exhibition. (The last Tuesday of the month or the Tuesday prior to 1st Saturday.)
  • ·         Art sold during the exhibition will be processed by the Veterans Art Center.  The artists can decide in advance whether items can be removed at the time of sale or if they need to remain on display until the end of the exhibition.
  • ·         Artists are responsible for their own insurance coverage.
  • ·         Registration deadline is the 15th of the month before the exhibiting month.  (i.e. if you plan on the April show you must register by March 15th)
  • ·         Invitations will be printed and will list exhibiting artists and show selected artwork from the upcoming exhibition if images are provided no later than the registration deadline.

Contact: Operation Revamp, Inc - 970-462-3126 - exhibit@operationrevamp.org

You can register for this event online or at the Veterans Art Center.  You need to register by the 15th of the month prior to the Exhibition opening.

Call or Fax Us
Office: 970-462-3126
Fax: 970-628-1308

307 s 12th Street   Grand Junction CO 81501

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