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Veterans Art Center

Helping Veterans Heal

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Donate Now - Critical Needs  Sponsorship

We're thrilled to share some positive news amid our current challenges. We are honored to have been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Veterans Affairs for the current fiscal year, dedicated to supporting our local veterans. The grant, effective from July 1, 2023, to June 14, 2024, encompasses various critical needs, including food and gas cards, vehicle repair, utility bill assistance, specialty art supplies, and emergency needs unmet by other agencies.

However, we find ourselves in a difficult position. While we've only utilized 22% of the total grant to date, the grant operates on a reimbursable basis. This means we must make the payment or purchase first and then request reimbursement. Unfortunately, delays in reimbursements since October have left us with no available funds or credit to fulfill current requests from qualified veterans.

In previous years, our general and base funds have supplemented the grant account, ensuring continuity in our support services. This year, a substantial decrease in donations and income has left us struggling to cover both our studio's operating expenses and grant-related needs. The ongoing shortage is creating hardship for local veterans who rely on our assistance.

Traditionally, the DMVA allowed for an advance of grant funds for organizations facing financial difficulties. Unfortunately, this option has been eliminated for the current fiscal year. To continue providing essential services and fulfill urgent requests from veterans, we urgently need funds in both our general operating account and grant account.

Last December, we deferred our mortgage payment, but other essential expenses, such as insurance, utilities, and loan payments, still total around $2500. Your generous donations can help us cover these costs, as well as continue to fulfill veteran applications while we await reimbursements.

We do want to acknowledge and offer a huge thank you to those who have set up monthly donations.  Thank you so much.

Choose you favorite donation method.

Online donations via:

Operation Revamp website

Colorado Gives

Go Fund Me

Paypal Giving Fund

Mobile Donations

Venmo @orivac   

In Person or by mail to:

Operation Revamp, 307 S 12th St , Grand Junction, CO 81501

Recent supporters helping us out:

Wells Fargo Employees

Eagles Aerie Lodge 595- Nov. month long fundraisers, craft fair and veterans art show

Jeff Baker - Facebook Fundraiser

Uncanny Valley Art Gallery - Silent Auction

GJ Harley Davidson - Chili Cookoff

VFW - Craft Fair


Triple S Steel

Teddy Morse's GJ Harley Davidson

Mark Sasson - Pinpoint Search Group

Benjamin Wegener - Wegener, Lane & Evans, P.C.

Base Camp 40

Required Monthly Expenses. This amount includes our building, utilities, storage, phone & internet and programs not funded through other grants and does not include those programs or services covered by grants and other funds. Income recorded includes donations, fundraisers and program income but not grants for programs not included. (See below for monthly sponsorship)
Goal: $3,257.00
Collected: $0.00

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate: Your tax-deductible donations will support our general operating costs and allow us to continue assisting veterans while waiting for grant reimbursements.

  2. Shop at our Gift Shop: Consider the Veterans Art Center Gift Shop for your holiday shopping, including gift cards. Your purchases directly contribute to our cause.

  3. Monthly Donations: Setting up a monthly donation, no matter the amount, significantly aids in our financial planning and management, ensuring consistent support for veterans in need.

  4. Become a Member: Annual membership payments contribute to our general fund, helping sustain the center, even in challenging times.

Other ways to help!

  • Start an online, Facebook, or Paypal virtual fundraiser
  • Plan a community fundraiser or event
  • Organize a yard sale (we have lots of stuff)
  • Ask your Church or community group to consider donating to us.
  • Volunteer to seek out and apply for grants
  • Solicit your employer or other businesses for help.
  • Put a donation box on your counter or start a 'round up' campaign
  • Volunteer to help with expense reduction - like helping clean out the storage locker
  • Have a dinner party with friends and ask for contributions
  • Give at Checkout. PayPal makes it easy to support Operation Revamp when you shop online. Set us as your favorite charity so you can donate $1 when you check out with PayPal. 
  • eBay for Charity whether buying or selling.
How we did last month:
Goal: $3,257.00
Collected: $1,651.21

Become a One Month Sponsor of the Veterans Art Center - Pick a Month - Pick an Amount  Sponsor us Now  Learn More

For our basic building expenses each month we are seeking monthly sponsors and offering plenty of benefits in return.  You can get all the information here.

Donate using the Operation Revamp Donation Link and check off monthly sponsorship

and then complete this information form for the benefits.

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